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Description of Elk Meat Cuts 
1 bottle elk velvet antler capsules (s/h read below) $19.00/ea $19.00
3 bottles elk velvet antler (s/h read below) $17.00/ea $51.00
Pepper Sticks (5 pack) - approx. 1/2 lbs. $10.00/ea $10.00
Kippered Elk Steak (Jerky) - approx. 1/4 lbs. $6.00/ea $6.00
Approx. 10 lbs. Elk Sirloin $8.25/lb $82.50
Elk Round Steaks approx. 10 lbs. $5.50/lb $55.00
Elk Tenderloin Steaks (7-10 oz ea) - approx. 5 lbs. $16.00/lb $80.00
Approx. 10lbs. Elk Ribeye Steaks $10.50/lb $105.00
10lbs. Elk Roast Approx. 2-4lbs. each $5.75/lb $57.50
Approx. 20# Pure Elk Burger (1# pkgs) $5.50/lb $110.00

We are shut down for the summer when shipping is difficult. We will ship again in the fall when temps cool. Thanks for your patience.

We only ship within the contiguous US.
Shipping and handling are calculated upon checkout. Secure transacations are used via PayPal. Shipping fees are auto generated by price of order, based on the weight of meat orders. They are too high on the antler products. Please e-mail me for a better deal.

By buying direct from the producer, it cuts out the middle man, saving your hard earned dollars. Our meat is drug and hormone free. Our elk meat is all well trimmed and boneless. Our burger is ~98% lean. All of our products are inspected and approved safe by the proper authorities. You can also order any amount of any cuts you would like to mix and match, including 1/4 or 1/2 if you can’t find what you want above. To do this, please e-mail me, and I will get you a price quote.

All meat is shipped frozen, unless otherwise stated. We normally ship UPS ground, on a Monday, in order to avoid a weekend layover. If you are from the east or west coast, it may take 4 - 5 days to get there (from 57452). If the weather is warm, nation wide ,we suggest that you upgrade shipping to 3 day select. Unfortunately, this web site will not allow you to upgrade directly. To do this, you will need to e-mail me, and I will let you know the price difference. We will also add extra gel packs or dry ice when we feel it to be necessary. We charge only the actual cost for shipping, the insulated box and dry ice. No other handling charges will be added.

UPS Will not ship to a PO box. Please send a physical address.

We also sell whole female elk (not processed) on the ranch for $850.00.
You can come here and “harvest” your own animal, or we will deliver it to a nearby meat market for you.

We do not offer hunts, but will allow you to harvest your own animal on the ranch. You can then take it with you for processing, or we will get it to a meat market for you.

If you would like to harvest a trophy bull, e-mail me for details.

God bless you all,
The Rau family