Rau's Bugling Prairie


Rau’s Bugling Prairie
12021 315th Ave.
Java, SD 57452
(605) 649-6358

Our goal: To provide you with useful information about elk ranching and offer affordable elk products. We hope to help you learn more about elk ranching, and possibly have you do business with us.

Rau's Bugling Prairie has been in the Elk Ranching business since 1996. We have quality breeding stock, as well as elk products for sale. We are a small family owned business, who strives to gain happy customers.

Elk meat is one of the healthiest meats available. It is very lean and high in protein, with a great flavor.

Velvet antler products have been used for centuries to promote health, and only recently have become known to be very beneficial in the treatment of arthritis, in both people and pets.

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